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Jane, Alex and Dennis PetersenMy name is Dennis Petersen and I have been involved with chess throughout my life.   I remember first playing the game around age seven.

I started Legend Products because I felt the quality and design of the chess sets and chessboards available at the time needed improvement in many areas.  I bought my first expensive set through a catalogue and was sorely disappointed at its quality.   The first products that I designed were the Legend Chessboards and Carrying Bags.   I was particularly interested in the folding version so I could take it with me to chess tournaments.  Gregory O’Neal is the person who handcrafts these chessboards for Legend Products, and deserves full credit for turning my dream into reality.  Greg truly puts his heart and soul into each chessboard he handcrafts. They are without question the finest chessboards ever made.  There was a Heritage Chessboard and Storage Bag accepted into the prestigious permanent collection of the Maryhill Museum.

I have been designing, and working directly with our chess set manufacturer since 1992.   I have and will continue to press him for unique quality and craftsmanship. It has been my goal to produce the finest Chess Sets and Boards in the World.  I have also strived to produce the finest sets for the money in any given price range.

Should you purchase a chess set from Legend, you will quickly recognize that the quality, design, & quality control procedures in place at Legend Products are such that you will be a customer for life.

Legend Products also markets other manufacturer’s products that are already established and known for their quality. In addition, I am always looking for the individual who is trying to market a chess product he has developed, which has a high standard for quality, & workmanship that would potentially make it world class.

This is a small, family owned company, which values your business. We do not have the fastest service you will find in the world, but our attention to the quality and the quality control of every item that leaves here will make your buying experience one you will not find elsewhere. We are not perfect but always keep that goal in mind. We are dedicated to provide you with the finest chess products in the world. We strive to become an innovator and leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of chess products. This will not be an easy task without customer loyalty. In a day and age when advertising costs are unbelievably high, every potential customer we contact is the life’s blood of our business. We intend to do all that we can to make you, our customer, happy.

Dennis Petersen
Gresham, Oregon
May 1999

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