Ultra Classic Staunton Rosewood
Ultra Classic Staunton Rosewood
This French Staunton set is made from Rosewood & Boxwood.  Extraordinary beauty, impressive quality at a modest price.  My personal guarentee it is the finest in the World it's style category.  The set has a 3¾ King, the set is quite heavier than a double weighted set, although not quite triple weighted.  There is no chessboard or wooden box included.  This set is quality controlled and packaged in the USA.  The pieces come individually packaged in a blue decorator heavy cardboard box.  The set does fulfill all requirements by the US Chess Federation for tournament play.

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Style: French Staunton
Materials: Rosewood and Boxwood
King Height: 3¾ inches
Weight: Double weighted
Price: $96.95
U.S. Shipping: $15.00

King 3¾" 0.12 lbs 1 7/16"
Queen 3 3/8" 0.12 lbs 1 7/16"
Bishop 3" 0.07 lbs 1¼"
Knight 2¾" 0.08 lbs 1¼"
Rook 2 1/8" 0.06 lbs 1¼"
Pawn 2" 0.05 lbs 1 3/8"
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