Rosewood Pioneer Elite
Rosewood Pioneer Elite
Designed by Dennis Petersen
Produced exclusively by Legend Products

The Rosewood Pioneer Elite Staunton Chess Sets stand with the finest chess sets on the market today.  They represent one of the finest crafted sets you can purchase today.  While the Legend Pro Line Sets have replaced the Pioneer Elite Models as the finest made in the world today, the Pioneer Elite models continue to give you better quality, and workmanship than any other set in their price range.  These sets continue to be produced in small numbers, where production processes can be closely monitored.  The workmanship, guality, and quality control procedures of assembling the sets make them the finest value in the marketplace today.  A Certificate of Authenticity is provided in a  thick laminate with the set pictured on the back of the Certificate.

So what are the differences in the "Rosewood Pioneer"  and  "Rosewood Pioneer Elite Staunton Sets".   Both sets have unique feature to offer.

Rosewood Pioneer Staunton Chess Set 

  • The Rosewood Pioneer Staunton Chess Set was designed specifically for the Tournament Chess Player, its design provides thicker Stems and additional weight, making them massively weighted at over 4 lbs.
  • The Knights are full bodied, allowing for more weight and providing a luxurious feel.   They will appeal to those who like to hold onto a hefty piece with lethal potential :).
  • The points on the Queens coronet are thick and very stout.  They were carved this way for strength, durability, traveling  tournaments, and the rigors of speed chess.  
  • The Rosewoods used are generally in the brown tones, with a darker brown running through it.  These Rosewood often radiate a hint of reddish tone to a small degree.
Rosewood Pioneer Elite
  • Since the development of the "Ultimate Storage Box" this set is also suited for tournament play and travel.  The sharp pointed, thin coronet design would likely be kept in the optional box at home for one's own use.
  • Although the sets look the same from pictures, the stem design is thinner in the Rosewood  Pioneer Elite providing a different look and feel.  The sets tend  to average about 3.8 lbs.
  • The Knight has a slender, tapered body, which gives you the comfortable feel of a nice fitting glove.  It will appeal to those who put more emphasis on a sleeker appearance, with overall piece weight taking a second priority.
  • The Rosewoods tend to be very dark browns with black grain running throughout it.
  • The Knight carving would be considered more refined, although the knight carvings are both beautifully done, each has its own appeal.
How does  "The Rosewood Pioneer Elite"  measures up? Check the chart on the right and compare.

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Style: Legend Staunton
Materials: Rosewood and Boxwood
King Height: 4 inches
Weight: Massively weighted
Price: $169.00
U.S. Shipping: $25.00

King 4" 0.24 lbs 1¾"
Queen 3 7/8" 0.17 lbs 1 5/8"
Bishop 3" 0.15 lbs 1½"
Knight 2 7/8" 0.17 lbs 1½"
Rook 2 3/8" 0.16 lbs 1½"
Pawn 2" 0.07 lbs 1¼"
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