Pro Line Ebony Pioneer Elite Original
Pro Line Ebony Pioneer Elite Original
I first designed the Ebony Pioneer Elite in 1992.  Since that time I had produced the set four times in separate productions totaling 180 sets.  At it's introduction it was the finest Staunton Set in design and quality produced in the world.   While the set has continued to evolve over the years into it's present design, the Pro Line Ebony Pioneer Elite ($895.version), the Original design ($349) remains a powerful contender for those looking for a set designed exclusively for tournament play.

In this Pro Line Ebony Pioneer Elite Original ($695.), you retain nearly all the the original features of the set.  The most notable refinements in this version are:

  • The Kings Cross is now doweled and produced separately.
  • The Queen's coronet is more refined, the crenials are more accurately done.
  • The selection of Ebony wood is at a level it cannot be improved upon.
  • There are subtle refinements in the design of the pawns.
  • The knights are unique from earlier productions, and highly refined.
  • The turret on the rook is somewhat larger in diameter and taller.

Included in the price is my newest rendition of the Ultimate Storage Box.  The Ultimate Storage Box really should now be referred to as the Ultimate Presentation Box.  The box is now longer and deeper, and in this version the foam inserts are lined with the same fabric as the interior of the box. In addition you simply cannot purchase finer hardware than that which we have incorporated in this box.  The newest hardware supporting the lid is unmatched in the world.  The Presentation Box in it's present form provides the ultimate in protection for any world class Staunton set.  It represents the ultimate effort by woodworking artist Gregory O'neal.  The box is made and lined here in Oregon.  You also could not find a finer example of American ingenuity or craftsmanship and at such a modest price.

As with all Pro Line sets that I sell the set comes with a one year guarantee against defect in material or workmanship.  Beyond that period I service what I sell on a price per piece basis.  It is my intention to leave this world with what I have created still in tact.  If one takes into consideration these points:

  • The popularity of this design.
  • How often I produce this design.
  • How many future productions there will likely be in my lifetime.
  • The length of time you will wait if you order it when  it is not in stock.
  • Less than half the sets of the production remain as I produce this text.
  • He who hesitates is lost!

I have produced only 50 sets in this production, each set is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity on the back of which the set is pictured.  The Certificate is laminated and inserted in a presentation jacket.

(Item is currently on back order)
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Style: Legend Staunton
Materials: Ebony and Boxwood
King Height: 4 inches
Weight: Massively weighted
Price: $695.00
U.S. Shipping: $35.00

King 4" 0.21 lbs 1 13/16"
Queen 3 5/16" 0.18 lbs 1 5/8"
Bishop 3" 0.12 lbs 1½"
Knight 2 15/16" 0.14 lbs 1½"
Rook 2 7/16" 0.14 lbs 1½"
Pawn 2" 0.07 lbs 1¼"
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