Chess Mate Wallet Tri Fold Magnetic Set
Chess Mate Wallet Tri Fold Magnetic Set
The new Chess Mate Wallet is another of David Weinstocks ultimate creations!

This item is available in Brown, and Black.

The Chess Mate Wallet is handcrafted from top-quality leather, & bonded leather.  The Chess Mate Wallet  it is not only attractive, but fully functional.  Analyze or play your games anywhere while reaping the convenience, and practicality of a zippered wallet.

The Chess Mate chess piece images are printed with a durable vinyl ink on flexible, vinyl-coated magnetic disks.  The pieces are protected with a clear vinyl to prevent abrasion.  Included are four extra pieces for each side, (Queen, Bishop, Knight, and Rook) to facilitate pawn promotions during games, and analysis.

David has printed the chessboard on a durable synthetic material, which has a clear coating to protect the boards playing surface, as well as the delicate gold border design.  In addition to the fold-out chess board, there is a  magnetic bonded-leather  panel below the chessboard to store captured pieces.  The Chess Mate Wallet has a clear Leather stitched pocket for your Drivers License, and I.D. Card.   The Chess Mate Wallet also has stitched compartments for credit cards, a zippered pocket, and a place to keep you paper money.

If you're looking for a special gift for the chess player in your life, you need look no further.  If you simply enjoy the finest chess equipment yourself, this will meet your needs, and expectations.

Here is a Review done by Author, as well as chess professional IM Jeremy Silman.

Chess Product Review by Jeremy Silman IM

Product: The ChessMate® Chess Wallet
Creator: David Weinstock
Target Audience: Beginner through Grandmaster
Price: $99.95
Okay, it's not a book.

However, Christmas is coming up and I know there are a lot of people wondering what to give their chess maniac friends. This, in my opinion, is THE perfect chess gift.

Back in the late 60's, when I was a young boy that worshipped Bobby Fischer, I wanted to make a deal with the devil and take two of Fischer's most prized possessions: his chess skills and his chess wallet.

Yes, I heard he owned a real chess wallet and I lusted after it. Though I never actually saw this mythical chess tool, the idea captivated my imagination and I wanted one throughout my teens, twenties, and thirties. Now, well into my dotage, I finally own the object of my affection, and it's everything I imagined and more.

Naturally, certain tests were necessary:

  1. Made of top quality leather, its feel is very nice, and it easily fits into a front pants pocket, or into the inner pocket of a sport coat or suit (I was told that it shouldn't be placed in one's back pocket since sitting on it can bend or dent the metal material behind the board design).
  2. My driver's license fit comfortably into the clear tab created for it. The 6 tabs for credit cards are also user friendly.
  3. Two sections for cash are present, and a zippered section is perfect for huge denominations, pictures, or an emergency stash of viagra.
  4. The board itself (the pieces are made of a strong magnetic material, I tried shaking it like a berserk lunatic, but all the pieces remained on the board) unfolds to a comfortable 6"x6", and an extra Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Queen (for both sides) are added in case you promote a pawn during play.
  5. The whole wallet zippers shut so that your pieces and money are completely safe.
  6. Sticking it in my washing machine and adding huge amounts of detergent, I sent it churning through several wash cycles. The result wasn't pretty. DON'T try this at home!

For wives or mothers of players who are tired of hearing their loved ones gripe about the uselessness of another "Schiller chess book present" (how would the poor ladies know better?), this wallet will bring relief from criticism for at least one holiday season.

Additional Images
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Style: Pocket
Materials: Leather
King Height: 1/16 inches
Weight: No additional weight
Price: $99.95
U.S. Shipping: $15.00

King ¼" 0.01 lbs ½"
Queen ¼" 0.01 lbs ½"
Bishop ¼" 0.01 lbs ½"
Knight ¼" 0.01 lbs ½"
Rook ¼" 0.01 lbs ½"
Pawn ¼" 0.01 lbs ½"
Recommended Boards
(No boards recommended)

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