Nordic Chess Set
Nordic Chess Set
Although this particular sell has been sold, I have the carver making another for us.  The next one will have larger bases, and the presentation box should see some improvements as well.
  • These sets are produced in vary small numbers, only a few are made each year because of the time it takes to individually hand carve all the pieces.  They are done by an older gentleman who is certainly very talented.
  • This would be a welcome collection to anyone's collection based on it's quality and rarity.
  • Both sides are carved from Boxwood, with the bases of one side carved in Ebony.
  • The pieces are un-weighted although the pieces have very good weight, the new base design should increase the weight again, and provide even more stability.  The pieces bases are felted.
  • These sets usually are sold by the time they arrive, if you are interested I would suggest ordering in now while it is available.
  • We will not process your credit card until the day we ship the set to you.

(Item requires special ordering)
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Style: Non-Staunton
Materials: Ebony and Boxwood
King Height: 6 5/16 inches
Weight: No additional weight
Price: $795.00
U.S. Shipping: $35.00

King 6 5/16" 0.17 lbs 1 3/8"
Queen 6" 0.16 lbs 1 3/8"
Bishop 5½" 0.11 lbs 1¼"
Knight 5½" 0.15 lbs 1 3/8"
Rook 5¼" 0.14 lbs 1¼"
Pawn 4 13/16" 0.1 lbs 1¼"
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