Canterbury Special Technique
Canterbury Special Technique
You will marvel at the quality of bone and the overall workmanship on these sets.  I have seen but a few that rival over the years.  They were made especially to our high standards.  This set is one of two made for us and without question both are collector quality.  A set such as this will be a plus to anyone's collection. There are only a few flat area's on different pieces, it is clear the set was made with care. The pawns, rooks, bishops, and knights are generally larger than other versions I sell.  The pawns are very good size, the knights are a marvel to gaze at. The dark pieces are dyed black before the decorative touches are applied.

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Style: Pre-Staunton
Materials: Bone
King Height: 3 13/16 inches
Weight: No additional weight
Price: $495.00
U.S. Shipping: $25.00

King 3 13/16" 0.08 lbs 1¼"
Queen 3½" 0.08 lbs 1¼"
Bishop 2 1/16" 0.05 lbs 1 1/16"
Knight 2 1/8" 0.05 lbs 1"
Rook 2" 0.05 lbs 1"
Pawn 1¾" 0.03 lbs 1/8"
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