Pro Line Ebony Alegria Staunton
Pro Line Ebony Alegria Staunton

After nearly a year I have completed my work and recreated my plastic Legend Alegria Staunton Chess set resulting in the Pro Line Ebony Alegria Staunton chess set perhaps one of finest I have made in 26 years. The knight carving represents six months of refinement. It is in production now and will be available mid November 2019. I am making only 20 sets, several have already been reserved by people in the forum, chess books and equipment section. I am making a special introductory offer. Place your self on the reserve the set list and I will offer this set to you at $349. plus shipping and handling. The offer will no longer be valid upon the arrival of the set.

The Pro Line Ebony Alegria Staunton chess set is a 4" chess set designed for chessboards with a 2 1/4" square. It is classic in its Staunton appearance. The set will be in the 4lb massively weighted class. It will come with a certificate of Authenticity. The finest woods and craftmanship equal to the finest sets I have made in the past. This offer at this price will not be repeated, he who hesitates is lost.

You can be placed on the reserve list by emailing with your name and contact information no money is required at this time. The set will be offered to those on the list in the order they are received.

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Style: Legend Staunton
Materials: Ebony and Boxwood
King Height: 4 inches
Weight: Massively weighted
Price: $349.00
U.S. Shipping: $30.00

King 4" 0.23 lbs 1 13/16"
Queen 3 3/8" 0.17 lbs 1 11/16"
Bishop 2 15/16" 0.11 lbs 1 3/8"
Knight 2 7/16" 0.13 lbs 1 3/8"
Rook 2¼" 0.13 lbs 1 7/16"
Pawn 2" 0.06 lbs 1¼"
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