Parisian Acorn Staunton
Parisian Acorn Staunton
This chess set has been made for Legend Products with the emphasis being on quality materials, and superior craftsmanship.

The Parisian Acorn Staunton meets these requirements, crafted from superior quality bone, with meticulous care.

This set is absolutely stunning, the bone is whiter than any Ivory I have ever seen.  I am myself a perfectionist and have examined this set with the utmost scrutiny under 3x magnification.  On a scale from 1 to 10 by the naked eye I would give it a nine.  Under magnification I would call it an eight.  On the basis of good, very good, excellent and fine, it certainly would be in the excellent range.  If you are a collector and would like my full blown observations, critic, and grading of the set under magnification, it is available on request. These sets are individually priced on the basis workmanship, quality and grading.
  • The king is just shy of 4" and has a 1¼" base.
  • The opposing pieces have been dyed black.
  • It is difficult to come by sets of such high quality as this one
  • A full size set, quite playable.
  • A velvet presentation box is included.  The box in, and of itself is not a work of art by any means.  The box is very functional and will preserve the set quite well. The box measured 20" x 9½" x 2¼".

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Style: Pre-Staunton
Materials: Bone
King Height: 3 15/16 inches
Weight: No additional weight
Price: $449.00
U.S. Shipping: $30.00

King 3 15/16" 0.09 lbs 1¼"
Queen 3 1/16" 0.08 lbs 1¼"
Bishop 2¾" 0.05 lbs 1 1/16"
Knight 2½" 0.05 lbs 1 1/16"
Rook 2¼" 0.05 lbs 1 1/16"
Pawn 2" 0.03 lbs 1"
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