Piazza Bone
Piazza Bone
A massive set, made from exquisite bone and intricately carved.

This is a set which is made in extremely small numbers. The craftsmanship is the finest you will ever see in such a set.

A Presentation box is included, the box would not be described as a work of art by any means, medium quality, functional.  The box measures 20½" x 14" x 2½" there will be some variation in box sizes, lining, and exterior covering.

The opposing army has been dyed jet black and the pieces have a nice luster.

We are currently sold out of this set, we do have one coming in our next shipment.  If you would like to purchase this set now, you can do so by filling out the secure order form.  We will reserve the set for you.  We will not process your credit card until the day we actually ship the set to you.  These sets are often times sold before they arrived, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded less shipping, so "He who hesitates is lost!"

(Item requires special ordering)
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Style: Pre-Staunton
Materials: Bone
King Height: 6 15/16 inches
Weight: No additional weight
Price: $995.00
U.S. Shipping: $35.00

King 6 15/16" 0.19 lbs 1 5/8"
Queen 5 15/16" 0.18 lbs 1½"
Bishop 4½" 0.1 lbs 1¼"
Knight 4 3/8" 0.09 lbs 1¼"
Rook 3¼" 0.07 lbs 1¼"
Pawn 3¼" 0.06 lbs 1"
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