Becker 3
Becker 3" Walnut Border
Handcrafted Limited in Production Becker Chessboard with a 3" Walnut Border

Hand-crafted in Vermont, from a beautiful array of woods, by Mr. Woodhead.  For many years he handcrafted these boards through the company he then worked for, "Becker".  Although Mr. Woodhead has long ago gone into business for himself, the chessboards continue to carry the Becker name.  His workmanship, and dedication to quality have never wavered in the ten years we have been doing business with him.  You simply cannot obtain a factory, mass produced chessboard to match Mr. Woodhead's individual works of art. You can rest assured this is a chessboard that is of heirloom quality.

The squares which make up the interior of the chessboard are made from an extremely nice stock of walnut, and maple.  The beveled 3" border has been created from walnut.  The solid wood squares are 2¼" by ¼" thick.  The squares are inlaid across a solid wood panel 5/8" thick.  The panel is of the same species of wood used in the border. The chessboard is 24" square, and weighs approximately 10½ lbs.  The chessboard has been designed to insure stability within the squares during expansion and contraction of the wood due to changes in humidity and season.

The beveled framework adds to the sleek contemporary style .  The raised playing surface adds another dimension to the playing field.  It is difficult from a picture to tell how perfectly cut and joined the squares really are.  Therefore I will tell you they simply perfect in every regard.  It is clear that Mr. Woodhead understands precision work, and the importance of the square's corners touching each other.  They are in perfect alignment across the ranks and files of the board.

The chess board has had a satin finish beautifully applied which will prevent any glare on the playing surface.

A corduroy storage bag is optional on a custom order basis at an additional $65.00 plus S&H.  It would be shipped separately at this time.

Style: One Piece Wood
Materials: Walnut and Maple
Square Size: 2¼ inches
Price: $539.00
U.S. Shipping: $50.00
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