Legend One Piece Board and Case
Legend One Piece Board and Case

Legend Products introduces a one piece chessboard and carrying bag option.

Besides a pouch to hold your regulation Staunton chess men, additional storage in the bag is provided for your chess clock. It makes transporting chess equipment easy for chess players on the go.  On the backside of the bag there is a zippered storage area for a scorebook and pen.  We have constructed this carrying bag with heavy duty materials, padded it, and given it a soft inner lining to protect the chessboard when stored inside.  It is the perfect solution for chess players who prefer to play on a wood chess board.  It is an ideal combination for those going on a trip or attending chess tournaments.

The chessboard is 22" square, has 2¼" squares, and is great for use with Staunton design chess pieces.  The woods used on the chessboard are teak, rosewood, and maple veneer.  The chess board has a high quality plywood core.  In addition the bottom of the board has been padded to protect your tabletop.

The Legend Kings Indian Staunton Chess Pieces displayed do not come with the board, but may be purchased separately.

"Legend Products for the Mark of Distinction in Staunton Chess Sets and Equipment"

(Coming Soon!)
Style: One Piece Wood
Materials: Teak and Birdseye Maple
Square Size: 2¼ inches
Price: $109.00
U.S. Shipping: $30.00
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