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At Legend we design and manufacture many fine chess products.  Working directly with the manufacturer of our chess sets, we contribute design requests and press our Master Carver for a higher degree of quality and workmanship than exists in the marketplace today.

We currently offer more than thirty five different styles in the Staunton tradition.  Eight of these are custom made to our specifications, exclusively for Legend Products.

The Legend chess sets are specifically designed for the tournament player.  We have increased the weight, size, base diameter and proportions of all the pieces.  We have done this while maintaining the classic Staunton style.   Legend sets are a dramatic improvement over the available standard models.  In addition we have demanded a higher degree of quality and polishing from our manufacturer.   All of our sets go through a rigid quality control both by the manufacturer and at Legend Products prior to shipping.  Each piece comes individually packaged in a zip lock pouch and ships in a decorative, heavy-duty cardboard box.

By the time you receive one of our chess sets it has been through three quality controls: once at the time of manufacture, once when it has been shipped to us, and finally before shipping to you.  This contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty, while ensuring  only the highest quality products are provided.  In addition, we maintain a large supply of replacement pieces for our chess sets, should you inadvertently break or lose one.

Legend Products is pleased to provide secure on-line sales of our entire product line.  When you see a product that you would consider purchasing, go ahead and add it to the "Shopping Cart" (you can always remove it later if you change your mind).  By following the directions on the "Shopping Cart" and "Check Out" pages you can easily purchase any of the products in our on-line catalog.

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