Kings Indian
Kings Indian
The Legend Kings Indian Staunton Chess Set

This is a new addition to the Legend Line of Staunton chess sets. It is available exclusively through Legend Products and it's re-sellers.  Its being made in small productions to maintain a high degree of quality.  I would suggest you reserve a set now to avoid the possibility of not getting one.  A credit card number, check or money order will reserve your set.  We will not process your payment until the day it ships.

The Kings Indian Staunton chess set is a welcome addition to the line of plastic sets currently available in the world.  The knight in the set is one of the nicest you will likely ever find in a plastic set.  The set, although described as triple weighted, is actually massively weighted in comparison to other plastic sets.  The workmanship is excellent, and the weights are molded into the set when it is made, so you will not have to be concerned they will fall out.  It is one of the few plastic sets which actually has a real green felt bottom.

The storage pouch included is as impressive as the set.   A heavy duty fabric is utilized, and the bottom is well reinforced.  The brass eyes through which the draw stings run will ensure a very long life.

The set in the pouch weighs 3.3 lbs.  This set is shown with White and Black chessmen. The King's Indian is also available in Camel and Black, White and Red and Red and Black. Be sure to specifiy which combination you would like in the additional instructions box during check out.

The set meets the requirements of FIDE and the US Chess Federation for use in tournament play.

SPECIAL - King's Indian with Folding Board & Case Combo

And save $25.00 on the total price and $4.00 on shipping, for a total savings of $29.00. (Adjustment made during Check Out)

SPECIAL - King's Indian with Roll-Up Board & Storage Tube Combo

And save $0.00 on the total price and $4.00 on shipping, for a total savings of $4.00. (Adjustment made during Check Out)

(Ivory currently out of stock, Camel and Black are available)
Additional Images
Style: Legend Staunton
Materials: Plastic
King Height: 3¾ inches
Weight: Triple weighted
Price: $44.95
U.S. Shipping: $16.50

King 3 15/16" 0.19 lbs 1¾"
Queen 3½" 0.16 lbs 1 11/16"
Bishop 2 15/16" 0.12 lbs 1½"
Knight 2½" 0.15 lbs 1½"
Rook 2 3/16" 0.12 lbs 1 7/16"
Pawn 2" 0.06 lbs 1 3/16"
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