Alegria Ivory
Alegria Ivory

Legend Alegria Staunton Chess Set

As the name Alegria implies, take your game to a happy place, a higher level.

The Legend Alegria Staunton Chess set making its debut in time for the holidays!

Legend Products, "King of the Knight" presents the finest plastic Staunton chess set ever produced!  The set is twice as nice as anything else available in the world today. Buy it now! You can own your "Legend" today.

The Legend Alegria Staunton Chess Set, massively weighted, and perfectly designed for chess boards with 2¼" squares. This chess set meets all regulations, and standards for USCF Tournament competition.  The chess board shown in the picture is not included.

The Legend Alegria Staunton set weighs in at 60 ounces, the heaviest set made for a 2¼" square in the world today.  It features a King, which is perfectly proportioned at 4 1/8".  The color of the set is Ivory & Black.  The pieces come with luxurious green felt bottoms.  Heavy-duty deluxe corduroy drawstring pouch as well as two extra queens are also included.

Be the first on your block to own this original design Staunton set. Play your games with chess pieces having the "Mark of Distinction".

SPECIAL - Alegria Ivory with Folding Board & Case Combo

And save $25.00 on the total price and $4.00 on shipping, for a total savings of $29.00. (Adjustment made during Check Out)

SPECIAL - Alegria Ivory with Roll-Up Board & Storage Tube Combo

And save $0.00 on the total price and $4.00 on shipping, for a total savings of $4.00. (Adjustment made during Check Out)

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Style: Legend Staunton
Materials: Plastic
King Height: 4 inches
Weight: Massively weighted
Price: $54.95
U.S. Shipping: $16.50

King 4 1/8" 0.23 lbs 1 13/16"
Queen 3 3/8" 0.17 lbs 1 11/16"
Bishop 2 15/16" 0.11 lbs 1 3/8"
Knight 2 7/16" 0.13 lbs 1 3/8"
Rook 2¼" 0.13 lbs 1 7/16"
Pawn 2" 0.06 lbs 1¼"
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